Harold Bennett

London-based freelance senior writer and designer, specialising in editorial, art direction and identity design, as well as creative copywriting, brand tone of voice and journalism.


🍏Writing Selects🍎



Verbal identity and copywriting, 2023
A phenomenal crew of creatives! I was fortunate enough to work with Art&Graft on the tone of voice and copywriting for the motion studio’s rebrand. WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!

Check out Art&Graft.
Written at Regular Practice


Verbal identity, brand positioning, website copy, headlines and product copy, 2021
A very fun project, writing for language learning platform, Howie, where the output was intentionally playful and just the right amount of cheesy.

Check out Howie’s website.
Written at Regular Practice

Paul Smith Foundation🫡

Brand Manifesto, 2021
Working at Anyways Creative, I wrote the manifesto behind Paul’s initiative, as well as the tone of voice and copy for the Foundation’s seasonal content.

Written at Anyways, find out more on their website.

Off Type 👹

Verbal identity, creative and website copy, 2023

Working closely with the founders and type designers behind the project, the copy included abstract, obscure short stories for the ‘Gods’ of the typefaces. 

Check them out for yourself at off-type.com.
Written at Studio Ground Floor

Stereoscope Coffee☕

Verbal identity, creative and packaging copy, 2022
I developed the verbal identity of the brand as well as the creative and packaging copy. This culminated in writing a short story from the perspective of the coffee beans which appeared across all their bags, discussing the role of coffee within the world, its place in the ecosphere, and its part in the West’s colonial history.

You can check it out on their website
Written at OlssønBarbieri


Tone of voice and creative copy, 2021 

Across the story-led luxury soap and oil brand, I got to write poems informed by the legacy and history of its founder, which went on to inform the naming and packaging details.

Check out RP’s case study here
Written at Regular Practice


OOH communications and the launch campaign, 2021

Alongside developing its tone of voice, brand positioning, push notifications and CTAs.

You can find more here.
Written at Regular Practice


Verbal identity and brand positioning for luxury hotelier, 2021

Check out ARC.
Written at Regular Practice


Verbal identity and headlines for the direct-to-door pharmacy, translated into Italian, culminating in a nationwide advertisement campaign. 2022

Check out more here.
Written at Regular Practice


Brand positioning, tone of voice and website copy for the luxury interior design studio. 2021

“Forging a new luxury”

Check out more here.
Written at Regular Practice

GT Ultra⚠️

Website copy for the release of Grilli Type’s latest creation!


👀It’s Nice That👀

Writing freelance with the team since 2020, with over 100 articles to my name. You can check out the pieces below.

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🙌The Brand Identity🙌

Writer since 2020, over 500+ articles.
You can read more here.

The Finishing Line 

Article series on The Brand Identity, in partnership with Brandpad


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The A Paper

Article series on The Brand Identity, in partnership with Brandpad

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Anatomy of Creativity

Article series on The Brand Identity, in partnership with Antalis

Can good ideas be planned? We speak to DIA, Regular Practice, Margot Lévêque and more to find outDo good ideas have requirements? We investigate with Two Times Elliott, Vrints-Kolsteren, Porta Rocha and moreWhat’s design without good ideas? We find out with help from Studio Dumbar, PARSONS, Open Practice and more

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Illustration by 💪 Hugo Bilton 💪
Typeface courtesy of Dinamo and ❤️ Fabian Harb ❤️