Harold Bennett

London-based freelance senior writer and designer, specialising in editorial, art direction and identity design, as well as creative copywriting, brand tone of voice and journalism.


Clients and collaborators include

Pentagram, Mother Design, Dinamo, Regular Practice, It’s Nice That, Pangram Pangram, Anyways, The Brand Identity, DesignStudio, OlssonBarbieri, Creative Boom, NaN,  Paul Smith, TYPE01 , Studio Oker, Grilli Type, 
NaN, Studio Bergini

and more

and more!



Book, Pangram Pangram, 268 pages, 140mm x 212mm
Designed at Studio Ground Floor with Emma Judd.  450 chunky, hardback, lay-flat, cloth-bound pages of Pangram Pangram goodness! Cataloguing all 32 of the Montreal-based type foundry’s fonts to date, PP32 details all the aesthetics, stats, and styles of each typeface from their extensive collection. 🔆

Available here

The Interviews: Volume Two 

Book, The Brand Identity, 636 pages, 107mm x 180mm
Designed at Studio Ground Floor  The Interviews: Volume One’s the chonkier, greener sequel 🐛 The new volume consists of 636 pages of interviews with the world’s best designers, studios and type foundries.

Nearly double the page count of Volume One, it contains 62 timeless conversations conducted at @thebrandidentity between 2019–2021; discussing projects, process and practice. It also includes brand-new reflections detailing how each creative has evolved between then and now 🐢

The Interviews: Volume Two has been designed to resemble the construction of a classic autobiography; with a glossy image section sandwiched between text-only pages. In line with its archival nature, the green PVC cover protects the pages of the book, helping to keep the conversations — once online, now tangible — safe from deterioration 🦎

Available here

Here is a lovely interview with The Brand Identity, where we chatted about The Interviews: Volume Two!


Book, in collaboration with George Creese, 36 pages, 210mm x 297mm (A4)
𝓑𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽 is the physical output of three MFA Curating student’s project investigating and responding to the archive of the iconic Cubitt Gallery 🤝🌹

We designed the publication to separate the archive and the artist responses onto different paper stock, distinct but nestled into each other. The design language was informed by the spontaneous and ‘default’ nature of the archive, its email snippets, candid photography and loose collage🦎

The Process Five 

Book, The Brand Identity, 344 pages, 125mm x 176mm
The Process Five is an exclusive showcase of unused and unseen branding work from ten world-leading graphic design studios, highlighting the ideas, concepts, mockups and sketches that led to their final outcomes. ⚒️

Coming in at 344 pages, it is the chunkiest and most comprehensive book in the series yet with 571 process works included. 🦺 It features never seen before insights and inspiration from projects by Pentagram, Play, Hugmun, Carla Palette, Resn, Studio Blackburn, Rabbithole, TRiC, Justified Studio and U.I.WD. for clients like OpenAI, Channel 4 and Getty. 💅

Available here

Pilot #2

Magazine, 257mm x 364mm, book block bound by industrial staples.
Designed at Studio Ground Floor  Big and designed to be ripped apart, Pilot #2 invites its reader to get weird. Working with Pilot’s founder Dagny Tepper, we introduced a brand-spanking-new identity and publication design for PILOT Magazine, collaborating with ABC Dinamo for a bespoke cut of their typeface ABC Social Pilot. 🔨

Available here

Pilot #4

Magazine, 185mm x 260mm, riso-printed, screen-printed and digitally-printed.
Designed at Studio Ground Floor
Choose your own adventure. ⛰️ Exploring the theme of Terra Incognita, the Pilot #4 experiments with notions of exploring, traversing and getting lost 🌐, with double edged wire binding there are a million different ways to read it, oh and there are coordinates instead of page numbers obviously. ☁️

Available here

The Process Four

Book, The Brand Identity, 268 pages, 125mm x 176mm
The Process Four is an exclusive showcase of unused and unseen branding work from ten leading graphic design studios, highlighting the ideas, concepts, mockups and sketches that led to their final outcomes. 🪑

Available here

Pickles Knitwear

Identity, Handmade in London.
Brand identity for London-based, hand-crafted knitwear brand PICKLES! Diatype Rounded and Walter courtesy of Dinamo.

Personal Effects

T-Shirt and poem.
Designed at Studio Lowrie
Simplicity-first menswear brand Personal Effects approached Studio Lowrie to ‘busy-up’ a tee, screen-printed back, front, and sleeves, featuring a poem written to celebrate collaboration.

Shape of Words 

Book, self-published, 294 pages, 110mm x 150mm
Designed at Studio Ground Floor with Emma Judd.  
Shape of Words is a collection of 30 brilliant contemporary practitioner’s thoughts, imaginings, tweets and observations, reflecting on the issues and ideas that are shaping designing and making today.

Edited by the wonderful Open Practice 🌞

Available here

Rapha x Tour de France

Poster, 594 x 841 mm, Screen-printed on Colorplan.
Designed at Studio Lowrie
Designed for Rapha and featured at the Brewer Street store in Soho to celebrate 2021’s le Tour de France. Starring alongside a number of other practices – such as Paul Smith, Actual Source, Soft Power and more – each studio was given a decade to celebrate, with ours being the 1930’s. 

We chose to celebrate a 20th Century underdog, cyclist Charles Pélissier, who finished second place at the Tour De France...7 times, and in 1930 he set a record which he still holds to this day; winning 8 of the stages during the single tour.

The Interviews: Volume One

Book, The Brand Identity, 344 pages, 107mm x 180mm
Designed at Studio Ground Floor
The Interviews: Volume One documents The Brand Identity’s first 57 interviews with designers and studios from all around the world; including the original conversation as well as a new reflection on how their work, process and practice has evolved.

Featuring interviews from 2015-2018 with COLLINS, DesignStudio, Vrints-Kolsteren, DIA, Fuzzco, Spin, PORTO ROCHA and many more, the book also includes four new interviews with Actual Source, SocioDesign, StudioSmall and Soft Power.

In line with its archival nature, it is wrapped in a removable transparent PVC jacket in an attempt to further the lifespan of the book as well as the interviews found within. 🏏

Available here

Typeone Magazine

Magazine, The Brand Identity, 136 pages per issue, 220mm x 297mm
Designed at Studio Ground Floor
We at Studio Ground Floor have been art directing and designing TYPEONE, a bi-annual magazine dedicated to contemporary typography. Responding to each issue’s specific theme, the editorial for each edition is uniquely designed.

***Full archive of every TYPEONE issue incoming. If you’re interested in seeing the whole catalogue, reach out and I can drop them by! 📮***

Exale Brewery

Brand identity, illustrations by Inga Ziemele
Alongside illustrative powerhouse Inga Ziemele, we had the opportunity to craft the identity, can and packaging design for craft brewery brand Exale, rolled out across their taprooms, kes, bar mats and everything in between. So. Much. Fun! 

ME Print

Brand identity, designed at Studio Lowrie
As part of the design team at Studio Lowrie, we rebranded UK-based printers ME PRINT, embracing the founder’s earnest, no-bullshit approach to business.

Chalet Girl is a typefaCe designed bY HaRrY ‘BenNetT & engineered by Jack Niblett.

Chalet Girl

Typeface, Font Engineering by Jack Niblett
If you fancy having a play around with Chalet Girl, or using it for a project, drop us an email!

Chalet Girl is featured in New Aesthetic 3, if you’re interested in seening more!


Visual identity and monogram, designed at Studio Lowrie
Created at Studio Lowrie, under Creative Director Mike White, we created the brand identity for the luxury Parisian shoe brand Ghazal.

Cuozzo Flemming

Brand identity, designed at Delivered By Post
Identity design for London-based architects CUOZZO FLEMING, capturing a youthful energy alongside a timeline style.

Planet Underdog

Brand identity, designed at Studio Lowrie
Brand identity and packaging design for eco-friendly and ethically-minded dog-poo-bag-brand Planet Underdog.

BOOKS AND BRANDS BABY! Woooo let’s go!