Graphic Communication & Photography

27* 49’ 03” N, 33* 55’ 14” E

Awarded a membership to The International Society of Typographic Designers, 2019.
A documentary publication about the Merchant Navy Vessel the S.S. Thistlegorm. Loss is a prominent theme in its life, from the death of sailors and capsizing of the ship when it was bombed by Axis powers, to the loss of its history today as divers steal from the ship and the mooring of the dive boat destroy the hull. There is also a strong sense of adventure and exploration with its 1955 discovery by Cousteau and the mystery of its location.  
These themes play off each other throughout the books design, as the content is lost into the spine for the reader to rediscover by exploring the perforated pages to complete the images and, in turn, the story. The publication takes influence from contemporary dive logs and shipping logs from the era of the Thistlegorm’s construction. The main typeface Doves Type, much like the ship itself, was lost in water until their rediscovery decades later and is reminiscent of the serif type-faces used in the Thistlegorm’s official paperwork.